The probability of me living again after this life has ended is one. For the non-mathematically minded I will live again.

How do I figure this? Well I use two major assumptions that no one yet has disproved to me, and which appears the only logical explanation available to me. Work with me.

Assumption one: Space is infinite, it has no dimensions and no boundaries. Is there any other possibility? Think of it like this: if there were a boundary what is on the other side? More space? I cannot be convinced of a boundary. Space, to me, must be limitless for what is it if it is not just endless nothingness?

Assumption two: Time is infinite. It has no start and no end, or at least no end. I cannot personally see time having a start or a finish. To me it is either an endless straight line or circular. Either way I cannot see how time can suddenly begin and someday suddenly end. I have heard theories that suggest that time did begin at the point of the big bang. I personally don’t believe this because something had to happen to create the big bang and that something involved time. So is my thought process.

Say I am wrong. Say time is a straight line with a beginning as some theorise. The question is will it ever end? I don’t think its possible. Even if all matter someday folds back in upon itself and disappears, time will still exist for there will be a moment one second later, and a time one million years after matter has disappeared. To me time has to be endless, infinite even if it had a beginning.

Whether time is circular or just an infinite straight line, I believe I will live again. If time is circular everything happens again, that is the nature of a circle. If it is not, it is an infinite straight line, which is the basis of my argument as to why I shall live again.

So knowing my assumptions, space and time are infinite, it is only a small mathematical step to my conclusion that I will live again after my current life has ended. I don’t believe I will know that I have existed before, as I will have no memory of any previous life, but the probability is that I have before and will again exist.

Now work through this with me. I currently exist. I think therefore I am. I am writing this at this moment, I must currently exist.

Science has convinced me that the reason for my existence is a massive amount of unlikely, extremely low probabilities occurred. My parents met. An extremely low probability. They liked each other. Another low probability. They married ate certain foods at certain meals, had sex at one certain unlikely time, on an equally unlikely day. One of dads sperm, one of millions, fertilized one of mums ovum that luckily was its turn to leave her ovaries. Just luckily my parents weren’t using contraception at that moment, or maybe they were and it failed. Anyway, against all odds the fertilized ovum successfully lodged in mums uterine wall where I grew to be born against all odds of miscarriage and mums mortality.

Going back further. My parents exist for equally unlikely reasons. As do my grand parents and great grand parents and great great grand parents… What if my ancestors didn’t emigrate to Australia, or if one of them had died of illness or accident prior to conceiving the bloodlines that led to my conception. What if Captain James Cook didn’t discover Australia but it was discovered by the Spanish, would I still exist? What if cavemen were monogamists and my ancestry grandfather didn’t impregnate my ancestry grandmother, his fifth wife. What if the meteorite had missed earth and the dinosaurs hadn’t become extinct? What if that meteorite was larger and it wiped out the entire earth? What if life never evolved at all? What if…

No matter how ridiculously unlikely my existence the fact remains that I do exist, therefore there is a mathematical probability for my existence. It may be totally and utterly uncalculatable. To print the fraction may take more ink than there could possibly be produced. There may be more digits than binary code in the world’s computers. But an exact probability there must be, for I exist.

The probability of this remotest of probabilities occurring again may seem a googolplex to the power of a googolplex more unlikely. The probability of the exact chain of events that led to my birth, reoccurring even seems impossible. But using my assumptions time and space being infinite, all probabilities will occur. Take the toss of a coin. The probability of throwing a head is 1/2. If I toss a coin the probability is that one in two tosses will yield a head. If I toss a head once, the probability is that eventually I will toss another head. It may only take one further throw, it may take thirty, but eventually you can be certain another head will be thrown.

Going further, if I have nine red balls and one white in a box that I randomly pick from, replace, mix and pick again. The probability of picking the white ball is one in 10. Eventually I can be certain of picking the white ball twice. Maybe on my 9th and 30th picks maybe on my 100th and 200th picks, but I can be certain that if the white ball comes out once it will come out again. It’s a matter of time. To throw two heads may take but seconds, to pick the white ball twice a few minutes. A probability of 1/100 coming up twice may take a few hours. 1/1000, days. 1/1,000,000, centuries. But eventually if something can happen once it WILL happen again.

The way I figure it all probabilities will occur if time is infinite. Something with the probability of one in a trillion may take a googolplex of centuries to occur twice, but it will for the same reason that a head will arise twice, its probability.When time is infinite all probabilities will occur, no matter how unlikely, if it is possible, it will occur in time. If it can occur once it can occur again and again, in time.

At the start I stated that I used two assumptions to reach my conclusion that: in my current state I will live again. The truth is I only need one of my assumptions to draw that conclusion, but the way I see it is that the use of two paths to arrive at the same conclusion strengthens my argument.The second path uses the infinity of space to arrive similarly at the conclusion that in my current form I shall live again. The area of space in which we live is in effect infinitely small in relation to the limitless of the rest of space. There is in effect, a limited number of stars and other matter rotating around and expanding out from one point in our area of space, as is the current recognised theory.

Our universe and solar system exist, therefore there is a mathematic probability of that existence. It may be totally uncalculatable, but in effect it is a raw fraction, because it exists. Using my previous reasoning, if it is possible for something to occur at one point in space, it is actually probable that with the infinity of space it will occur exactly the same elsewhere in space, somewhere. It maybe a googolplex to the power of 10trillion googolplex light years away before you find any matter that resembles our area of space let alone an identical solar system, but space is infinite.The way I figure it what has happened here to create our solar system will be/has been/is replicated elsewhere in space, because if something has occurred once, in infinity it will occur again and again.

Therefore in my current state I will live again or maybe even I am living simultaneously elsewhere in space at this moment. For I am merely a mathematical probability and in infinity the probability of any probability reoccurring is one. Such is my thinking.Believe what you will. Just because I write something that sounds totally believable, in fact appears to be fact doesn’t mean that I believe it myself.

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