The Canary

I yearn for contentment. I pine for that place where I am truly happy, where I may find inner peace. That place where the feeling of being lost is absent. I long to excel, to stand out from the crowd, to be distinguished, to be an individual whose name people remember. Life in our modern

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Is it possible that even if there is a God, I am so insignificant that He doesn’t even know I exit? Looking at things realistically, I am but one of more than 6.5 billion homo-sapiens on the planet earth at this moment in time and but one of many trillions that have lived in the

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The probability of me living again after this life has ended is one. For the non-mathematically minded I will live again. How do I figure this? Well I use two major assumptions that no one yet has disproved to me, and which appears the only logical explanation available to me. Work with me. Assumption one:

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Why Not?

I have long searched for the meaning of life, The reason for why I exist, A clearer thinking, An understanding. This search continues to bring me heartache, Disillusionment and Confusion. Unanswerable question after Unsolvable conundrum. The only place I have ever reached, Perhaps will ever reach, Is to a further impossible quandary. But why? I

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To be foolish

How is life fair? A foolish man may accept Blind faith, And find inner peace. Yet a wise man who looks For answers Can never find such harmony. So what then must I do? Continue to ask questions? Or try to find a way to Become foolish?