Why Not?

I have long searched for the meaning of life,

The reason for why I exist,

A clearer thinking,

An understanding.

This search continues to bring me heartache,

Disillusionment and


Unanswerable question after

Unsolvable conundrum.

The only place I have ever reached,

Perhaps will ever reach,

Is to a further impossible quandary.

But why?

I know I will never get anywhere,

I will never get any closer to solving

The one question that has long plagued the

Evolving intelligence that is mankind.

So why bother?

Why not just sit back and enjoy this wonderful


That is my life?

Why not just ride the roller coaster?

Live through the lows,

Thrive on the highs,

Cherish the memories,

Create memories?

Live life!

Love life!


Why Not?

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